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1. Bachelor program

English Taught Majors (No HSK required): Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Financial Management, Cross-border E-commerce, Nursing, Pharmacy;

All other majors (see link) are also available to international students with HSK Level4.

2. China Study (No HSK Required)

Main Subjects: Chinese Language, Chinese History, Chinese Economy, Chinese Culture, and Chinese Literature, etc.

3. Chinese Language and Culture Credit Program (No HSK Required)

The duration is 16 weeks, mainly study Chinese literature, arts and history, Chinese language listening, speaking, reading and writing and HSK training.

4. Chinese language and culture camps (No HSK Required)

The duration is 1-4 weeks, aiming at helping the students who want to learn Chinese with the lectures of Chinese study, Chinese history and culture, business lectures and visits, etc.

Successful Cases:

One-semester credit program with College of Lake County (CLC)

Exchange students each semester and XAIU hosts around 10-20 American students from CLC. And they also take courses taught by American teachers with Chinese students.

Three-week Chinese language and culture program with Hungarian Universities

XAIU hosted first group of students and teachers from Hungary in 2018, and the courses include Guqin, Chinese Go, Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Paper Cutting and Tea Ceremony and Chinese Language. The program also includes trip to famous historical and cultural monuments in Xi’an and Beijing.

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