Academic Research
Academic Research

Academic Research

Following the philosophy “Education centered and scientific research oriented”, the University conducts applied researches into the fields of private education development, teaching reforms, academic quality and local economic development. Over the past three years, the University has been in the lead among private universities regarding the number of projects from government departments at provincial, ministerial and national levels and papers published in SCI, SSCI, EI, etc. It is ranked top 15 in the number of patents in universities in Shaanxi province.

The Private Education Research Center of XAIU has won several awards from the provincial and state government such as “Advanced Group in National Education System” by China’s Ministry of Education, 4 times for “Outstanding National Research Institute” by China’s Association of Higher Education. Moreover, the University has completed 70 projects in state, ministerial and provincial level, 40 proposals and reports to the state, provincial and municipal government, published 20 books including “Reflection and Practice of China’s Private Education” and hosted 9 international forums and national conferences.

Research Institutes

Qi Fang Education Research Institute: Shaanxi (HEI) Key Research Base in Philosophy and Social Sciences

Joint Research Center for “Belt & Road” International Land Port Logistics of Shaanxi Province

Shaanxi Free Trade Zone Research Institute

Applied Life Sciences Institute

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute

Intelligent Control Engineering Research Center

Major Research Results

1.           80 GHz high frequency millimeter wave flat array antenna system for 5G base relay return;

2.           Integrated intelligent walnut planting base;

3.           Smart home management system based on “Android”;

4.           ASK gig data resource management platform;

5.           Promotion of Zizhou County economy by e-commerce under the mode of university & local region cooperation

6.           Development plan of Tongchuan E-commerce Logistics Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park