Foreign Faculty Recruitment
Foreign Faculty Recruitment

XAIU Foreign academics and interns needed

Full-time foreign academics

I. Qualifications for Foreign Faculty

1. Age: Under 60.

2. Nationality: America, England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, German, France, Spain, Russia, Japan, Singapore, etc.

3. Degree: Bachelor’s degree or higher

4. Teaching Qualifications:

1) For language teaching: TEFL certificate & 2 years teaching experience required.

2) For subject teaching: relevant academic background & teaching experience.

II. Position Details

1. For language teaching: English, Japanese, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, German

2. For subject teaching: Economics, Literature, Civilization, Education, Tourism, Journalism and Media, International Business, Computing Science etc.

3. Responsibilities:

1) 16 hours teaching per week;

2) Other related work such as Language Corner, coaching students for language contests, etc.

III. Salary and Benefits

1. Monthly Salary (RMB): based on degree and experience starting from 6,000RMB per month.

Chinese lessons, cultural trips

2. Airfare (RMB): Round trip ticket for one-year contract period.

3. Holidays: summer and winter holiday, Christmas, public holidays in China.

4. Foreign faculty is entitled to an insurance of serious diseases in case of hospitalization. Those who are not included in the Regulations of the Insurance, for example those over 60, are not entitled to personal accident insurance.

IV. Accommodation

1. Free apartment with one bedroom and one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom.

2. Equipped with basic facilities (free): heating, air conditioner, bathroom with shower, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, furniture, kitchen utensils, and Internet connection.

V. Other

1. Free Xi'an cultural tours and other external activities;

2. There are credits for the Chinese course of HSK Level 1-5 every semester;

3. XAIU is qualified to assist foreign faculty in applying for work visas.

Note: The above contents are for guidance only, and individual arrangement can also be discussed in further detail.

Foreign language interns with scholarship

1. Candidates: Undergraduates or postgraduates, native speakers.

2. Languages: English, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Korean and German.

3. Responsibilities: teaching 8-10 hours of foreign language courses per week to Chinese students.  

4. Scholarship: XAIU will exempt interns’ tuition fees for all Chinese language courses or other courses for international students.

5. Other:

1) Free Xi'an cultural tours and other external activities;

2) Credits offered for Chinese courses of HSK Level 1-5 every semester;

3) The school teaching academics will supervise and guide the interns, and organize regular teaching workshops in order to ensure the quality of teaching practice;

4) XAIU can help interns to apply for student visa (later remarked with internships) and to gain work experience. Those who are qualified at the end of internships may gain the normal compensation package as regular employees in the second year.

Contact information

Jianhua (Michael) HU

Associate Director, International Exchange Center

Associate Dean, College of International Cooperation | Xi'an International University

No. 18 Yu Dou Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China 710077

Emailhujianhua@xaiu.edu.cn | intercenter@xaiu.edu.cn

Tel: 86-29-8875-1485 | 86-29-8875-1314