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Profile: Xi'an International University Credit Programs: Chinese Study & Culture Tour  

Chinese language and culture study for international students  

XAIU Joint Dual Degree Programs

Business Administration, Economy & Finance, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Art…

3+1 with Université de Poitiers in France (in collaboration with ZTE)

2+2 with Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada

2+2 with Dhurakij Pundit University in Thailand

2+2 with Myongji University in Korea,

1+3 with Tokoha University in Japan,

1+3 with Budapest Metropolitan University in Hungary

1+1+2 with Green River Community College in the USA

Example: Description of XAIU & GRCC 1+1+2 PROGRAM

Year 1   Xi’an International University--First year of bachelor’s degree classes in XAIU, China

Year 2    Green River Community College, Auburn, WA, USA

     ---- Second year of bachelor’s degree classes in Auburn, WA, USA

     ---- Top-off English, if needed, may lengthen program.

---- Transfer to a good US university

Years 3 & 4 Good US university -- including top 100 world universities (ARWA rankings)

---- Third/Fourth year of bachelor’s degree

Year 5 (A) Company in the USA -- Paid work experience in Optional Practical Training student status

Year 5 (B) Good US university -- including top 100 world universities (ARWA rankings)

---- MBA or Masters’ Degree in other subject

Year 5 (C) Return to China to work

Academics: The general outline of the program is described above.  A bachelor’s degree in a business field, usually finance, is awarded by the final US university in year 4.  More than four years may be necessary to complete the program, depending on English ability, major, grades and curricular articulation with the degree-granting university. Some students have chosen, in fact, to spend more than a year at GRCC to improve their GPAs.

Post-graduation: Students can work in the US for one year of Optional Practical Training (OPT) following their Bachelor’s Degrees without having to change from an F-1 student visa. Students can also go right on to graduate school and earn an MBA or Master’s degree in another subject, or return to China to work.

Minimum qualifications: XAIU GPA of 2.0. Exceptions are made only by recommendation of XAIU and approval of GRCC. IELTS 5.5 (all bands 5.0 or higher) or TOEFL 61 recommended but not required; students without these English qualifications will start with Intensive ESL, making the program more than one year.    

Class Selections: Business/finance degree only, many other majors are possible.

Add: 18 Yudou Lu, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, PR. China 710077
 Tel: 86-29-88751484, 88751314